Kind Words

“I love writing and have a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry. It has been a twenty-year dream of mine to author a book I’d be pleased with and offer it to the world. Unfortunately, I kept getting stuck because sooner or later, I would begin to think anything I wrote wasn’t that good.  Enter in Tonie Harrington. I gave her a very rough manuscript and indicated I had a dream of making it into a book that readers would love. Tonie committed to the process. She asked me questions to expand the manuscript in places where I had too little information. She suggested I take out parts that didn’t fit. She reordered the chapters to create a much more exciting story.  I observed that Tonie also had a wonderful eye for the details of editing—the grammar, spelling, sentence structure. During the process, she offered encouragement as well as needed critique. The result is that I now have a book that I not only love, but that I’m proud to share with the world.”–Jason Freeman, Bravery Coach and Speaker


“Tonie knows all the “rules,” so anything she works on is done correctly. But that is only the beginning. Tonie’s creativity and brilliant turn of phrase makes her writing a pleasure to read. When Tonie helps you write a book, an article, or a letter she will ask the questions that bring you to new heights in content. Her thorough approach allows you to write better than you ever thought you could.”–Dianne Moor, Author, Speaker, Ghostwriter


“I consider Tonie Harrington to be a highly valuable resource to my finished book project. She is very professional, responsive, and supportive. I especially appreciated her willingness to read through more than one draft to ensure a successful end product. I would not hesitate to use Tonie again for a future project or in making a recommendation to others.” –Marcie Stern, MotivACTIONal Speaker and Work/Life Strategist


Workshop comments:

“The seminar got me started again.”

“I liked the enthusiastic presentation the instructor had.”

“The Workshop was a good introduction to the four-week class–food for thought.”

“An enzyme to writing.”


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