Tonie Harrington is a writer, editor, ghostwriter and writing coach and, as such  understands how daunting the writing process is. Eager to ease that process for her fellow writers, Tonie provides a second set of eyes to redirect when the path seems unclear.

A  creative writer for as long as she can remember, Tonie followed her passion for words eventually earning her MFA in Writing from the University of Nebraska. She concentrates her own writing on creative non-fiction, with a focus on memoir and family history. Her interest in family history stems not as much from a “family tree” viewpoint, as it does learning what she calls the “Genealogy of Emotions.”  Much of who we are comes from who they were, and we need to understand, as much as possible, who they were.

Tonie’s career includes copy and content editing,  proofreading, developing seminars on memoir and family history, as well as coaching. She began a small business more than twenty years ago providing meeting transcriptions and general writing assistance to local governmental bodies. In addition she organized a writing group that met twice monthly for ten years.

No matter what form our writing takes—fiction, nonfiction, poetry, speech writing, or personal journaling—we all share that basic need to express ourselves to others through the written word and hopefully learn about ourselves in the process.

When you’ve lost track of your story, or a character seems to be taking over, or you are simply unable to find the perfect words, Tonie helps you rediscover your direction.

Editing, proofreading, draft redirecting and expansion—while often dull and burdensome, these are the basics upon which good writing depends.


Need help?  Contact Tonie:  watb2017@gmail.com


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