Made it through the birth canal long, long ago;

survived childhood, elementary & high schools, then college;

worked hard, wrote a lot, never thought of myself as a writer;

had occasional lapses in moral judgment–-wish I’d had more;

married a good, unsuspecting, loving man & we created two miracles–he is still good, unsuspecting & loving;

am constantly amazed by our Son’s generosity, wisdom, caring & dedication, & thankful to him for giving us an extraordinary daughter-in-law & grand-daughter;

live in awe of our Darling Daughter’s talent, brains, humor, principles & strength, & love the wonderful, talented man she brought to our family;

am grateful to Prince for the words, James for the validation & for the Mob;

am blessed by the Friends & Mentors who carried me kicking & screaming thru my MFA;

forever grateful for the Lied;

know that I’ve been gifted with more than I deserve, especially a few selfless friends who know & stay with me anyway;

hope some day to get the hang of life.



smirkBorn on Chicago’s south side, Tonie Harrington attended St. Xavier University in Oak Lawn where she obtained a degree in Social Science with a minor in Psychology. As director of a juvenile delinquency/gang intervention program for a well-known community organization, she served as counselor and community liaison between schools, churches, recreation facilities and police agencies, secured grant funding, wrote annual reports and  speeches, and assisted in the development of community youth workshops and retreats for gang members.

After her marriage, Tonie worked as Legal Secretary for her local suburban community eventually starting a small business providing meeting transcription and general writing services. Encouraged by a close friend who recognized Tonie’s passion for words, she applied for and was accepted by the University of Nebraska’s Master of Fine Arts in Writing program. An avid reader, Tonie’s focus is in the area of Creative Nonfiction, with an emphasis on family history. She believes we don’t truly understand who we’ve become until we can look honestly at those who came before us.

Tonie continues to work on a variety of personal writing projects. Her objective is to share her love of words with clients, and assist those seeking a gentle reader in achieving their creative writing goals.

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