3-7-18 Vampires & Avocadoes

Drusilla was upset about the Slayer and Spike wanted to make her happy so he told her “I’ll chop her into messes.” That made Drusilla happy. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the unknowing.)

Right now I’m eating a taco salad that looks like the contents were run through a food processor—a mess of colors all smooshed into one giant tortilla “bowl” mess. I’d take a photograph, but then I’d have to stop eating.

It. Tastes. Incredible.

Messes can actually be beautiful.

You’ve been writing for about four hours and your fingers haven’t stopped—you’re actually afraid to stop because the momentum is mind-blowing. But you have to pick up the kids, or make dinner, or keep that appointment with your shrink who is trying to get you through “writer’s block,” so you stop. And you read. And it’s a mess. You decide to delete it—FOUR HOURS of work—deleted! A few thousand words gone.

But, if you’re like me, you’ll save that manuscript for another day because deep down you know that somewhere hidden in that “mess” is a golden word or phrase or sentence that will scream MAGIC! Kind of like the chunks of avocado I found at the bottom of my taco salad mess. If you can’t see it right away, give it to someone you trust and odds are they’ll find that avocado!

As I said before–Messes can actually be beautiful.

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